Some of the misshapen Jheherrin. Who can guess what vile theurgies the Despiser utilised in order to create them?

The Jheherrin (not Jhihirrin or Jhaharrin, no matter how laughably random it may sound..) are the Despiser’s rejects back from the time when he nurtured a passionate interest in both clay modeling and teaching the basics of darklording to wee ickle preschooler tyrants in his famed Crèche through foul play and observation.

Character and AppearanceEdit

The Jheherrin are, in the lack of a better expression, sentient clay and as such resemble deformed, melting animals: crocodiles, apes, three-legged dogs…you name it. Their spoken language consists of wet, squishy sounds akin to mire squelching underfoot and bubbling in hot pools. The audience kens not the subjects of their discourses, but deems that they embrace all matters marish. Ah, madam, what a lovely shade of loam your muck-hide is today! How delicious these mudcakes are! How entrancingly your swampy essence oozes, akin to the softest of silts in the bottom of a methane-odored green pool!

Their nature tends to accentuate various shades of meek, and they cling to prophecies about a savior called the Pure One like...well, like a particularly sticky lump of sludge to the bottom of a shoe. Later, they began to worship Saltheart Foamfollower (now what woman would not, albeit for different reasons), who fulfilled the divination and delivered them from Evil.


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