Wild Magic Log

Stoutgirth rushing to roast delicious caamora marshmallows.

Bluff Stoutgirth is a Giant and the Anchormaster of Dire’s Vessel. For some reason, the harbor of Gianthome recruits only stick-thin men to this particular job, which is why, akin to Sevinhand, he resembles an emaciated flagpole with anorexia. His last name is a typical example of Giantish humour, which tends either to be bawdily innuendo-laden or - as in Stoutgirth's case - blatantly ironic.

Though more inclined to hilarity than command, he still leads a portion of the crew into the localized Twilight of the Gods to aid Linden and Covenant in their dire peril. As if peril could be anything other than dire...


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